Trè-Ch(È) Short Fest ‘09. (Internacional)
Here comes the unique and only short film festival that you will ever want to attend in your years to come!!   Trè-Ch(È) Short Fest ‘09. (Internacional), is the newest craze talked about and it is here to stay!! 
Our purpose:
To enjoy the art of cinematography plain and simple…if we manage to bring together cinematographers, their groupies, students and fans of the art of filmmaking than our purpose will have been fulfilled and you of course will be under our spell without even knowing it! So sit back, relax and enjoy the films!
Trè-Ch(È) Short Fest ‘09. (Internacional), will be held on September 3rd through the 5th 2009 in the beautiful city of Phoenix.
1)      Your short must be fiction.
2)      Documentaries
3)      Fiction films
The Rules!:
1)      Free of charge for submissions.
2)      One film per person .
3)      Films must not be longer than 27 minutes long (this time includes credits and so one)
4)      No video clips, wedding videos, family videos, friend videos, boob job videos…etc…you get the picture..must be a Film!!
5)      All films must be in Spanish with English subtitles
6)      Deadline is July 31st 2009…we will not accept or return anything sent after that date.
7)      You are responsible for postage
8)      Once your film has been selected to be a part of the festival, you will not be able to retrieve it from it…once it’s in its in due to publicity purposes of course!
9)      The selected shorts will be used at the discretion of the event organizers
10)   All submitted material that meets all the rules will be a part of the festivals collection
Submission Requirements:
1)      3 copies of your finished project in DVD NTSC form
2)      A cd that includes the following information in word format:
·         Film sypnosis
·         Credits
·         Pictures of your finished project in 300dpi(jpg., tiff form)
·         Poster or Flyer in .jpg., tiff form
3)      Completed entry form included in this paperwork
4)      Type of Encoder (technical characteristics on how you converted your project to DVD format)
·         Frame Rate: 25.000 Fps
·         Size: Normal 632X360 pixel, Good 720X576 pixel, Optimal 1024X768 pixel
·         Sample Rate:44100
·         48000Hz
Selection and Jurors:
It’s a hard job but somebody’s got to do it right!! This will be done by people that are in the film business and know what needs to be juged along with an internationally well known cinematographer that we will mention at a later time!
Trè-Ch(È) Short Fest ‘09. (Internacional), will award all the films with a certificate of thanks for submitting your work. The winning materials will be a part of a rising television show in Mexico and United States!
Send your finished project along with everything mentioned above to:
Centro Estatal De las Artes
Chicali Film Fest
Av. De los presidentes s-n
Esq. Con Cuidad Victoria
Zona Rio Nuevo C.P 21120
Mexicali BC
Telefone: 686-117-1975 or 602-384-1903
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